48 hours after relegation, 76% of country forgets Middlesbrough were in Premier League

Middlesbrough’s season in the Premier League has proved to be so underwhelming that 76% of the country have already forgotten it ever happened.

Boro were in the unenviable position of being the division’s lowest scorers, without ever being as hilariously bad as Sunderland – therefore dropping out of the top flight almost completely unnoticed.

Lifetime Middlesbrough fan Tom Wilson said: “I’m not too surprised. Sadly our season tailed off badly after it reached its high point with the 2-1 away win at Sunderland in August.

“Then we had…oh hang on, I can’t quite remember…well we took the lead twice against Man City at the weekend. That was pretty cool, even if we were already doomed by then.”

Middlesbrough’s manager, Steve Something (that bloke with the bald head, isn’t it? He may still be caretaker manager, but we’re not sure about that), says:

“The lads have given everything but it wasn’t to be this year.

“Now we need to put the bad memories behind us and focus on next season when…what’s happening next season again? The last nine months are one big blank punctured by a handful of Negredo goals.”

Image courtesy of Chris Page via Flickr

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