Arsenal make secret plans to move to Paris after Brexit

Arsenal have developed a shock plan to move to Paris after Britain leaves the European Union.

Premier League clubs have asked for the government to exempt them from strict work-permit requirements that are likely for Europeans after Brexit.

With 15 players from elsewhere in the EU currently in their squad, the Gunners are set to be among the clubs to suffer the most if the government refuses this request.

Secret documents compiled by the club indicate that in this situation, Arsenal will explore the possibility of moving the entire club to the French capital.

Arsenal executives reckon the drastic move should allow them to remain free to sign all the European players they want, and they hope to persuade the Premier League to permit them to continue to play in the competition.

The plans mention an idea of playing home matches in the 81,000 capacity Stade de France, which could help to boost revenue in order to fund pay rises for Arsene Wenger, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

The club fears a massive backlash from fans if it decides to make the move.

With return fares from North London to Paris starting at around 60 pounds with Eurostar, it points out though that the cost of getting to games will still remain modest compared to Arsenal season ticket prices.

It is also hoped that a move to Paris could help restrict the fan fury vented on social media channels like Arsenal FanTV, due to a law that anything posted on YouTube in France has to be in French.

Paris Saint-Germain may not be best pleased to have a rival team move to their city.

Arsenal hope that PSG’s consistent failure to reach the last rounds of the Champions League means they can find plenty of fans in the French capital though who haven’t already declared their loyalty to the French champions.

On being asked to comment on the secret plans, Arsene Wenger said, with a glint in his eye: “I haven’t seen them. As soon as the club makes any plans for Brexit, I will let you know.”

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