BBC gives Danny Mills easy new job reporting from Ivory Coast

The BBC has appointed Danny Mills to its much coveted role of Ivory Coast football correspondent.

Mills recently criticised Wilfried Zaha for choosing to play for his country of birth rather than England, saying the Crystal Palace attacker took the easy option due to a lack of fight.

BBC HR interpreted the remarks as a possible hint that Mills is suffering from the demands of his occasional appearances on the pundits’ sofa and would like a more comfortable job.

In a gesture of appreciation for his good work, they are to send Mills to the Ivory Coast to cover the 2017 and 2018 league seasons there.

Tom Wilson, a spokesperson for BBC Sport, said: “We are delighted to give Danny his new challenge.

“He’ll be based in Abidjan, but we really want to see him get around the country to cover the provincial clubs so he can make the most of the local road and flight links.

“Between matches we’d also like to give him the chance to report on the blood diamond trade and the battle against malaria – plus any potential Ebola outbreaks in the wider West African region.

“As Danny is a committed journalist, we know he’d leap at the chance to cover these issues.

“As the season runs from the spring to September, unfortunately he won’t be able to come with us to cover the World Cup next year, but he can keep up-to-date with the tournament on our website and all our digital channels – so long as he can find an internet connection out there.”

Image courtesy of jacme31 via Flickr

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