Dani Alves calls Guardiola “greatest man to ever walk the earth” after rejecting Man City for PSG

Dani Alves has called Pep Guardiola “the greatest man to ever walk the earth” after rejecting Man City to join PSG for a bigger pay packet.

The Brazilian full-back has been issuing gushing praise of his former manager from his Barcelona days recently, and has not let up despite rejecting Manchester for the French capital.

“Pep is totally the best ever – we’ve seen some great humans in recent centuries, from Marco Polo all the way up to Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson, but Guardiola is better than all of them. Put together.

“He’s a football genius – and quite a nice bloke, with an amazing dress sense.

“It’s so exciting to have moved so much closer to Pep – to think I could just hop on the Eurostar, he could head to Manchester Piccadilly and we could meet in London at a few hours’ notice!

“Plus with the extra 100 grand a week PSG are paying me, I can buy him a great present when we next meet – although what can you buy for the manager who has everything!?”

Image courtesy of Football.ua via Wikimedia Commons

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