Dodgy internet streams to show 60% more annoying ads under new Premier League TV deal

Dodgy internet streams are in line to show 60% more annoying ads under the terms of a massive new Premier League deal lasting until 2022.

The contract to show matches with Mexican commentators speaking ten seconds after the action takes place on streams that freeze every two minutes is up for renewal, with more pop-up ads expected in the period of the next rights deal.

Tom Wilson, who broadcasts 10,000 matches every weekend from his garage for one streaming service, says:

“My site has already tried to sell you a wife from every country in the world and invited you to invest in everything imaginable, but there is so many more things we could try to sell you if only the maximum limit of 40 pop-ups per click was removed.

“Just think about pets – when did anyone ever try to sell you a kitten or a lizard to your door with a pop-up ad. The potential is incredible.

“The same goes for virtual reality haircuts, I can see there being just as much demand for that as there is for hot cheerleaders looking for love in your area right now.

“Still, if you want to avoid it all you always have the option of paying for a subscription. Then you’ll really have something to moan about, huh?”

Image courtesy of Sam Kelly via Flickr

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