Dortmund make semis as lost UEFA rule says surviving bombs worth even more than away goals

Dortmund have been declared winners of their Champions League quarter-final against Monaco following the discovery of a ‘lost’ UEFA rule that says goals scored by a team surviving a bomb blast are worth even more than away goals.

The rule says that should a team narrowly avoid being blown up on the way to a match, their goals are worth triple.

Dortmund’s 2-3 defeat to Monaco in the first leg has therefore been upgraded to a 6-3 win, meaning they progress 7-6 on aggregate.

The rule appears to have been written in the 1950s for the then European Cup in an effort to ensure matches were still played should the Cold War have descended into a nuclear holocaust.

UEFA spokesperson Tom Wilson said: “You can tell this rule is really old as it doesn’t even mention consulting the sponsors about what to do in this scenario.

“We’re checking with our lawyers but it seems to be a valid rule still in the Champions League so we’re happy to put Dortmund through.”

Monaco have already lodged an appeal over the decision, arguing they were rightful winners of the tie, and the French press are outraged at the ruling.

UEFA is understood to be working on a possible compromise solution that would see both Monaco and Borussia Dortmund play semi-finals against Real Madrid, to be televised on alternating weeks, before Real make the final.

Image courtesy of Christopher Neundorf via Wikimedia Commons

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