FA promises sweeties to Mourinho and Conte if they avoid fighting at next press conference

The FA has promised Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte a free pick of sweeties – including sherbet dip dabs if they want – should they avoid fighting at their next press conferences.

Having tried to punish the managers for their recent feud, by insisting they won’t buy them any more ice cream ever again, the Football Association is now trying to incentivise the Manchester United and Chelsea bosses into behaving nicely.

“It’s so unfair!” said Mourinho today about the plan. “I’ve had loads of disputes before, but just because Antonio is involved they’re getting sweets.

“I don’t want any sweets! They’ll probably get him a toblerone and I’ll end up with a curly wurly anyway.”

Mourinho then paused and broke into a smile as a reporter dangled a kit kat in front of him.

“I like Antonio, he is my friend. May I have some chocolate now, please?” he asked.

Image courtesy of Светлана Бекетова via Wikimedia Commons

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