FA to release ‘England’s Five Worst Wins of 2017’ DVD in time for Christmas

The FA is producing a special ‘England’s Five Worst Wins of 2017’ DVD in time for Christmas.

The association says that the production “will allow England fans to relive the frustration of cruising through qualifying without any of the embarrassing defeats the performances have merited.”

The DVD starts with an extended director’s cut edition of the weekend’s meaningless snoozefest in Lithuania, before recapping the clunky possession-based football in the 1-0 win over Slovenia.

The comeback to beat Slovakia 2-1 after being outplayed in the first half is included, as is the flattering 4-0 success in Malta. The already-forgotten 2-0 win at home to Lithuania in March completes the coverage.

Among the DVD’s extra features are a guide to making paper aeroplanes for upcoming England fixtures and the England band performing the popular “We are f***ing shit!” ditty.

A special interactive feature allows viewers to upload Facebook photos and generate a video that shows them invading the pitch away at Malta.

The DVD lasts eight hours and is priced at £140, which the FA points out is a substantial discount on actually going to five England matches at Wembley.

Image courtesy of Ben Sutherland via Wikimedia Commons

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