Harry Redknapp signs £11m defender on deadline day ‘for old time’s sake’

A friend of Harry Redknapp has revealed the former Tottenham, West Ham and Portsmouth manager got so carried away watching transfer deadline day at home that he signed a £11m defender.

Redknapp was watching Sky Sports News with friends when news was announced that West Brom had upped a bid on Zenit St Petersburg’s Belgian centre-back Nicolas Lombaerts to £7m.

According to the friend, Redknapp immediately jumped up from his sofa and said: “Seven million, what are they playing at? He’s worth 10 million min. Get me his agent on the phone!”

The friend assumed Redknapp was trying to broker a better deal for the player and googled the agent’s details.

The legendary transfer wheeler-dealer then dialled the agent and said: “I’m making a bid for 11 million, but only if you get him to my back garden in 45 minutes.”

The friend says he assumed the deal was not in relation to Redknapp’s current job as director of Wimborne Town.

The friend said: “But Harry, you’re not even a – ” but avoided finishing the sentence with ‘manager anymore’ after seeing a glint of sadness in Redknapp’s eyes.

He was even more stunned when a helicopter landed in Redknapp’s garden 38 minutes later.

He tried to warn Redknapp, saying: “Come on Harry, this is getting silly now. Where on earth are you going to get 12 million from?”

Redknapp thought for a second before saying: “Well I’ve still got some of Rosie’s inheritance to spend [referring to his dog who had a bank account in Monaco named after him].

“Plus, look at the size of him” he said, pointing to the player in the helicopter, “I can sell him on for 15 million in the summer no problem.”

Image courtesy of Kafuffle via Wikimedia Commons

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