Leicester fans praised for keeping calm and carrying on throwing stuff despite Dortmund attack

Groups of Leicester fans who fought with police in Marid have been praised for their determination to go about their usual business despite the attack on the Dortmund team bus the previous day.

Tom Wilson MP, the Conservative Party spokesman for dickheads abroad, said: “The only way we can defeat terrorism is by carrying on as normal, so it’s pleasing to see some Leicester fans did not allow terrorists planning to cause havoc to stop them from making their own spontaneous drunken havoc.

“What an ideal riposte it was to the terrorists yesterday, when a lot of us were a little shaken reading about what happened in Dortmund, to go to the main square in Madrid and guzzle a few post-breakfast pints while burning the skin off their backs.

“Then to respond to police by throwing bottles at them – well, what finer activity could there be on a spring’s day in a beautiful plaza than violently throwing the glass bottle a waitress has just brought you.

“It’s reassuring to know that whatever darkness terrorists try to inflict on us, the birds are still singing, the flowers are in bloom and the grown men supporting our football clubs are bouncing around, singing incoherent threats and embracing any argy-bargy that comes their way.

“Of course none of us can remember if Leicester had so many arseholes following them the last time they were in Europe in 2000/01, but I’m sure we can all assume they did.”

Image courtesy of 101 Great Goals via Twitter

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