Mahrez deal collapses after Man City fail to find pink horse for him to ride in announcement video

Riyad Mahrez’s proposed move to Manchester City collapsed after the league leaders were unable to find a pink horse for him to ride on the planned transfer announcement video.

Tom Wilson, head of Man City’s social media department, explained:

“We had planned to do a fun six-hour version of epic kids classic Masters Of The Universe to announce Mahrez, but it was a real struggle to get everything in place at the last minute.

“We hastily booked a section of the Gobi Desert for filming when City made their first bid on Tuesday, and we managed to get Liam Neeson booked in to play Skeletor, the main baddie.

“We had everything ready for Mahrez – shield, axe, breastplate – apart from the damn pink horse.

“We had our men out over the entire Central Asian steppe around seven o’clock looking for one with appropriate theatrical experience. By ten o’clock the lighting had got really poor, and it was clear it just wasn’t going to happen.

“I’m gutted for Mahrez but these things do happen in show business.

“Alexis Sanchez was due to join us actually until our replica of the Death Star developed a technical fault. Pep has been asking us to cut down a little on the special effects in general, but what’s the point in a transfer without a spectacular announcement video? Honestly!”

Image courtesy of Clement Bucco-Lechat via Wikimedia Commons

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