Marko Arnautovic welds arms permanently together to show his love for West Ham

West Ham’s Marko Arnautovic has welded his arms together in a permanent crossed ‘Hammers’ gesture to show his unconditional love for the club.

The bastardly midfielder decided that he wants to make more of a statement than just crossing his arms after scoring goals.

He visited an East London tattoo parlour earlier this week to weld his arms together with stainless steel heated to 325 degrees.

“It hurt a bit,” said Arnautovic, laughing today, “but not as much when we were relegated in 2011 or when Payet left. Screw him.”

On being asked if having arms welded in a cross is presenting any difficulties to everyday life, such as getting dressed, Arnautovic said this has not been a problem as he wears his West Ham kit 24/7, although he is concerned how he will mow the lawn in the spring.

On being asked if he expects to return to the West Ham starting eleven against Huddersfield this weekend to show off his new arms, Arnautovic said:

“We hate you Millwall we do! Oh Millwall we hate you!”

Image courtesy of Ardfern via Wikimedia Commons

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