Mkhitaryan relieved 99% of Google Image users can’t spell his name after ‘pregnant’ pic

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been greatly relieved by the fact that 99% of Google users are unable to spell his name – leading to the disappearance already of photos showing his world-famous belly.

Manchester United posted a photo of the midfielder modelling its new home shirt yesterday, and then deleted it after people starting poking fun at his tummy – making Mkhitaryan feel about as valuable as a zit on an Instagram-obsessed teenager’s face.

Tom Wilson, a friend of the Manchester United player, who runs his local burger restaurant, says his jumbled surname has already saved his blushes.

Apparently club boss Jose Mourinho took Mkhitaryan aside this morning at training – where the Armenian was seen sweating in a baggy winter jacket – to ask him to his office to explore rumours of an embarrassing photo.

After finding his way to Google Images, Mourinho could only find pictures of former Man Utd player Mickey Thomas interspersed between hundreds of Mickey Mouse cartoon stills.

Mourinho then clicked on a link that said ‘did you mean Aryan’, which showed a lot of Nazi propaganda – at which point he closed his computer down and asked Mkhitaryan to leave.

Observers at Manchester United’s Carrington Training Ground say they were impressed by Mkhitaryan’s decision to stay around after training to practice the difficult skill of sucking in his tummy while running in time for the new season.

Image courtesy of the MUFC recycle bin

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