Naby Keita drops Liverpool transfer hint by liking Paul McCartney solo album and Mel C on Facebook

Liverpool transfer target Naby Keita has shown that he really wants to join Liverpool by liking Paul McCartney’s solo album and Mel C on Facebook.

The highly-rated RB Leipzig midfielder, who Liverpool have made a £70m bid to sign, has kept quiet on his future plans, but his Facebook activity has made his intentions clear.

Hidden within the expected musical masterpieces listed in his music likes are the former Beatle’s rubbish solo work and Mel C.

Tom Wilson, an investigative football journalist who spends 95% of his waking hours on social media, says:

“Once again, a transfer target has made his plans clear with his social media activity – allowing journalists to write accurate material on players’ true intentions rather than hugely spun groundless speculation.

“Only someone who is keen to endear himself to the people of Liverpool could like both the McCartney solo stuff and Mel C.

“Even if you found Maybe I’m Amazed okay and agree that the duet Mel C did with Bryan Adams is an agreeable background tune, there is no way you could independently express your liking for the two without an ulterior motive.

“He does appear also to have recently become a fan of Richard Wagner and Johann Sebastian Bach, who both have strong connections to Leipzig – but I’m sure that just means he is trying to be polite to the people there and express his thanks before he leaves the club.”

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