Netflix to make 30-part series on Spurs’ penalties at Liverpool

Netflix has announced it is to make a major new 30-part series on Spurs’ two penalties at Anfield this Sunday.

The series will be produced under the working title The Greatest Scandal in the History of the 2017/18 Premier League’s 26th Gameweek.

Netflix describes the work as a docu-drama true crime thriller. By making 30 one-hour long programmes, the streaming service aims to cover most of the points raised in the media over the last couple of days regarding the penalties.

While Netflix is keeping much of the series as mysterious as referee John Moss’s communications with his fourth official, it has revealed details of the opening programmes.

The first episode is to feature George Clooney narrating an analysis of the Dejan Lovren’s intention to play the ball before the second penalty in the context of the historical development of the offside rule.

The second will see Lady Gaga examine the degree of contact needed to award a penalty while Mark Wahlberg stars in a dramatic half-hour reproduction of Erik Lamela’s fall.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is then due to host a debate in the third episode on Harry Kane’s actions in going down for the first penalty.

Netflix says the series will be available for viewing as soon as everyone has forgotten the whole fuss about the penalties – by next Tuesday at the latest worldwide and 2036 in Merseyside.

Image courtesy of enviro warrior via Wikimedia Commons

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