Nike website under fire for revealing Liverpool won’t win title next season either

Nike have been criticised by angry Liverpool fans for revealing that the Reds will fail to win the title again next season.

Selling Philippe Coutinho Barcelona shirts is not enough for the sportswear manufacturer, who have released a new range of socks called LFC Title Drought 1990-2019.

Liverpool fan Tom Wilson from Bristol was one of those to slam the move, saying:

“I’m disgusted. I was certain Virgil van Dijk would make our defence one of the meanest in Europe and propel us past Man City to the title next year.

“There’s no moment of the year sweeter than every summer when a handful of overoptimistic pundits tip us for the title, and I was looking forward to this August when I could think ‘they’re going to be right, this time!’

“I was already checking trains to Liverpool in May 2019 to go to the celebratory bus parade. Then Nike have to spoil it all.

“I’ll never buy anything made by them again, unless they start making our shirts, and then I’ll only buy the home and away ones – not the third kit, that’s how angry I am right now!”

Image courtesy of Tobias Barkskog via Wikimedia Commons

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