‘Ozil needs to slow down, he’s making us all seem like we were crap’ say pundits

Football pundits scathed Mesut Ozil today after another brilliant performance for Arsenal in the 5-0 win over Huddersfield.

The German international has provided five assists and scored two goals in his last five appearances, figures the pundits have criticised as just too good.

Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown said: “Yet another big game and Mesut Ozil is all over the opponents again, completely bossing them, drifting this way and that, twisting the defence inside out.

“When the hell is Arsene Wenger going to go to him and tell him to take it easy? It’s just really embarrassing for all of us who couldn’t play football that well and now rely on our gobs to make a living.

“I mean, I could pretty much only kick opponents’ ankles, even when I tried to kick the bloody ball.”

Former Blackburn and Chelsea striker Chris Sutton agreed, saying: “I’m not buying all this Ozil is suddenly great story. Ok, two assists and one goal in a game, good going.

“But did you see him push a single Huddersfield player over? What’s the point in winning if you don’t even give the opposition sore backsides.”

Former Arsenal winger Paul Merson added: “It’s shocking really. All that fancy effective play between the lines. Come off it, when I was at Ozil’s stage of his career I could down a Bloody Mary in four seconds.

“It’s all well and good showing that passion on the pitch, but you’ve got to be a  bloody nutter off it as well, Mesut, if you want to be a true legend!”

Image courtesy of Ronnie Macdonald via Wikimedia Commons

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