Fergie Time ‘only when scared fourth official shows six added minutes’, Pep reminded

Pep Guardiola has been reminded that Fergie Time is only a period of excessive stoppage time indicated by a fourth official who has had Alex Ferguson literally breathing down his neck and checking his watch for the past 20 minutes.

The Man City manager said it was a “pleasure” for people call late goals like David Silva’s 83rd minute against West Ham as evidence of his team enjoying their own Fergie Time.

“It’s a completely wrong use of the term,” says retired fourth official Tom Wilson.

“Fergie Time only came after having Ferguson so close to you from the 70th minute on that you could hear the angry chewing of his gum and the occasional thought muttered under his breath like ‘If you don’t give us at least an extra five minutes I’m gonna skin you alive, you wee prick.’

“Then you have those who say it can’t be Fergie Time unless a goal was scored after the referee had put his whistle to his mouth but taken it out before blowing after seeing Ferguson stare at him and run his finger across his own throat.”

Pep Guardiola’s eyes lit up on being told the precise definition. “Interesting, very interesting,” he said, before reaching to his phone to browse on Amazon for a stopwatch.

Image courtesy of Andrea Sartorati via Wikimedia Commons

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