PFA tries to stop Zlatan voting for himself as Young Player of the Year

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in hot water with the PFA after repeatedly trying to vote for himself as Young Player of the Year.

A voting slip collected from Manchester United’s training ground revealed the 35-year-old striker voted for himself in the main player of the year category, and crossed out Jordan Pickford’s name in the young player category to scribble ZLATAN before placing a cross in the adjacent box.

The PFA posted the voting form back to the Swedish frontman pointing out the mistake, and received the form with all the other five nominees in the young player category crossed out too, with ZLATAN written and their boxes crossed.

Ibrahimovic said: “There are many wonderful young footballers to choose from, but there is no Zlatan. Michael Keane is not Zlatan. Jordan Pickford is not Zlatan.

“Even Dele Alli cannot be Zlatan, as the astronomers say a Zlatan comes once every 9,000 years.

“Over the summer I want to keep on reducing my age so I can play for the Manchester United under-21 side next season.

“There is no reason for no Zlatan on the shortlist.”

Meanwhile, Manchester Council has confirmed that they will allow Ibrahimovic to vote for himself in the forthcoming general election.

The player will not be given a ballot paper due to his short time in the country, but is to be issued a piece of scrap paper and pencil to allow him to write his vote before it is thrown away.

Image courtesy of via Wikimedia Commons

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