Pogba to retire and become actual agent as he could have made £50m from Lukaku deal

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba has decided to stop playing football and become an actual agent after estimating he could have made £50m on Romelu Lukaku’s transfer to Manchester United.

The French midfielder has been nicknamed ‘Agent Pogba’ for his role in convincing the Everton striker to join the club – with the two pictured training together on a US holiday in the past week.

A friend of Pogba’s said: “Paul was having a good laugh about it at first until he thought, hang on here, how much money could I actually make from signing my mates up to United?

“He was really quite pissed about it saying: ‘What am I doing sweating away all year, putting my body on the line, sticking to an ultra-strict diet for a paltry 15 million.’

“I could have made 50 million just from passing a piece of paper under Lukaku’s nose any finding him a biro instead of doing early morning pre pre-season stretching together,” Pogba is reported to have said.

“You wouldn’t believe how big a yacht I could buy with 50 mill. I could eat whatever I damn want and set sail for the Caribbean in the autumn instead of going away to Huddersfield.”

Images courtesy of Football.ua via Wikimedia Commons

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