Premier League “astonished” Accrington chairman complained despite getting free PL mug and biro

The Premier League says it is “astonished” that Accrington Stanley’s chairman has accused it of ruining football despite receiving an official Premier League goody bag less than 12 months ago.

Premier League spokesman Tom Wilson says: “Our records show that we sent this gentleman a goody bag last August containing a mug, biro and key fob all featuring our colourful new logo.

“We like to give back to the game, and it pleased us over the winter to think of all the League Two chairmen who could drink from a nice mug instead of a polystyrene cup as they shivered in their portakabin offices.

“That makes it all the more disappointing that people like the Accrington chairman can’t shut up and acknowledge their place at the bottom of the pyramid instead of looking up angrily at their masters.

“We were thinking about sending out a few baseball caps with our logo down to League Two for the summer, provided we can get another billion or two from our Asian TV deals.

“To be honest, we’re not sure any more if we’re going to bother. Those greedy grassroots clubs will just want more, and they hardly give us any marketing exposure anyway.”

Image courtesy of Shovan Sargunam via Flickr

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