Pundit ‘doesn’t actually worry about relegation contenders, just thinks they’re all a bit shite’

A football pundit has risked shocking listeners to a radio show by admitting he doesn’t actually spend any time worrying about the fate of the Premier League’s relegation candidates, and instead uses this as a diplomatic way to say “they’re all just a bit shite.”

Tom Wilson, a regular contributor to the BBC London Football Show, was asked to provide his views yesterday of where the relegation battle was heading.

He said: “I worry a lot about Sunderland and Boro in the form they’re in. They need something special now, and where’s that spark going to come from?

“I also worry about Hull and Swansea. Clubs who’ve had good runs of form but don’t convince me they’ve got the consistency to keep that up.

“Then I worry a bit about clubs like Watford and Burnley who are on rotten runs at just the wrong time and could still get sucked into things if they’re not careful.”

The presenter of the show then asked Wilson if worrying about several proud football clubs at the same time has caused him any anxiety issues.

“Well, no,” said Wilson, “I don’t actually spend my time worrying for them as such, it’s just that I’m worried about them, if you know what I mean?”

The presenter said he didn’t, and asked Wilson to clarify his emotions as he might be confusing listeners.

“Well, when I say I’m worried about them, it’s only to indicate that they’re all just going to struggle,” he said.

The presenter asked why this is.

“They’re all just a bit shite really,” he said.

The presenter thanked Wilson for his honesty, and asked if wasn’t now concerned he might be offending decent hard-working football fans by dismissing their clubs as shite.

“No, I think it’s ok to say it actually” was his response. “If you’ve been watching Sunderland or Middlesbrough all season and haven’t worked that out for yourself by now, I’d be very worried for you.”

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