Richard Scudamore pelts Mourinho’s window with stones to get him to Southampton match

Jose Mourinho pretended to sleep yesterday afternoon to avoid taking his Manchester United side to Southampton.

Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore had to throw stones at the Portuguese manager’s window to force him to leave his house.

Scuadmore made the dramatic move after a concerning WhatsApp conversation with Mourinho, which Inside the Far Post has gained a transcript of:

Richard Scudamore: Hi Jose, what you doing?

Jose Mourinho: Trying to rest. Rest maybe like the Ajax manager, you know, his league finished three days ago so I’m sure he’s enjoying a quite beautiful rest right now.

RS: Right! I just wanted to check you’re still on for the Southampton match tonight?

JM: Oh, that’s tonight, is it?

RS: Yeah.

JM: You sure about that?

RS: 7.45 kick-off.

JM: Okay. Fair do’s. I’ll just watch ‘Garden Rescue’ then I’ll head on down to Old Trafford. I’ll guess I’ll have to miss ‘Pointless’ today. Ironic, ha.

RS: Good man. You know it’s in Southampton though don’t you?

Mourinho then failed to respond, despite Scudamore repeatedly asking if he was still there.

The Premier League boss then drove around to Mourinho’s house to see the blinds were down in all the windows. He knocked and heard the faint barking of a dog that sounded like it had been locked in a cupboard.

After picking up stones and throwing them at Mourinho’s bedroom window for a few seconds, he then heard some furious Portuguese swearing before Mourinho opened the window and shouted “can’t you just see I’m trying to rest!”

Mourinho calmed down and was convinced to go to the match when Scudamore explained that by adopting a defensive approach, Manchester United could inflict serious damage on Southampton’s hopes in the battle for eighth place.

Image courtesy of Aleksandr Osipov via Wikimedia Commons

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