Sean Dyche angry after Jose Mourinho turns down offer of post-match centipede

Sean Dyche says he is disappointed Jose Mourinho turned down the offer to share a centipede after Manchester United’s 1-0 win at Burnley this weekend.

The Burnley manager, who confirmed this week he has put worms in his mouth on several occasions but denied ever eating them, has developed a habit of offering opposing managers a range of bugs to enjoy on an evening after a match.

The delight he wanted to share with Jose Mourinho is believed to be a centipede from the south of France that Dyche has matured for several months in the private muck pile in his basement.

“It’s disappointing it really is,” said Dyche today. “There’s enough stress in this job and sharing an insect after a game offers a rare chance to unwind man-to-man away from the media glare.

“Of course there’s some managers who don’t touch bugs due to health reasons or previous addictions – I have to respect that.

“There’s plenty who love them though – the stories I could tell you about Mark Hughes and his grasshoppers, for instance – though I better not start on that, on second thoughts!

“We don’t actually eat the bugs though, obviously,” Dyche added with a perspiring Burnley press officer nodding alongside him, “we just put them in our mouths, suck them for a bit of banter and spit them out. I mean, who doesn’t do it?”

Image courtesy of Kelvin Stuttard via Flickr

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