Shock evidence reveals referees are biased against all football clubs

Shocking evidence has emerged of clear bias from match officials towards all football clubs.

An international team of journalists asked fans of all 500 professional clubs in Europe to compile a list of refereeing injustices, which was cross checked against post-match quotes from losing managers.

The research found that thousands of debatable penalties were given or not given along with hundreds of goals wrongly disallowed for offside.

Most football teams regular see controversial decisions go against them, yet not a single cricket team were denied a goal or penalty in the period studied – in what can only be a massive conspiracy among match officials.

Tom Wilson, a Liverpool fan, today said: “It sickens me. I knew we were suffering from clear refereeing bias, but the fact that every other club in Europe is being targeted in the same way is just heartbreaking.”

The authors of the report have made three suggestions to correct the massive refereeing bias.

Either all rules of football should be scrapped, responsibility for refereeing be passed to a computer that awards penalties and goals at random times during a match, or football sticks with the current system, acknowledges it could never be perfect, but gets on with it.

Image courtesy of James West via Flickr

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