Sleepwear experts cast doubt on Rooney claim to have worn same Everton pyjamas for 13 years

Sleepwear experts today cast doubt on Wayne Rooney’s claim that he has been secretly wearing Everton pyjamas for the past 13 years.

The England all-time leading scorer made the fascinating claim, which understandably became headline news, after re-signing for the Blues.

However, Tom Wilson, professor of pyjamaology at Merseyside University, says:

“I find it extremely unlikely that he would have worn the same pyjamas for such a long period of time.

“Most people of much more modest means would have varied their sleepwear several times in such a long period.

“As pyjamas are the most frequently worn item in any wardrobe, it’s quite improbable they would stay wearable for half that time – even if you sow patches over any holes that develop.

“Clothes with big printed club badges, as every child who has worn some and mother who has washed them would know, also have a tendency for the badge and lettering to start fading and peeling off after a few washes.

“It’s somewhat possible that Rooney has worn these pyjamas on and off over this time period – at times he would have swapped them when they needed washing, and we find it unlikely he would have worn his Everton pyjamas when engaging in his alleged multiple extra-marital sexual encounters.

“It’s even more likely these pyjamas are in fact just one infrequently used part of his wardrobe – a bit like his England shirt, perhaps.”

Image courtesy of Austin Osuide via Wikimedia Commons

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