Tony Adams vows to destroy Radio Rentals as he starts as Granada manager

Tony Adams has made a determined pledge in his first press conference as Granada manager to push rivals Radio Rentals out of business.

The former Arsenal and England manager said: “It’s clear to me there’s only room for one TV rental business in this town.

“My aunt had a telly from Radio Rentals for a while, and all I can say is it cost her four quid a month and every time you tried to pick up Channel 4 it still looked like the docks on a foggy night.

“Then she had to turn the thing off and hide behind the sofa when they sent their debt collectors round.

“I won’t allow my company to offer that kind of crap. We’re going to be looking to the future and offering only colour tellies – proper good ones, and all.

“I’ve got friends who have Japanese tellies and they swear by them, but we’re going to get some in from Korea too, as I hear they are top notch.”

On asked about his plans for the Real Madrid match next month, Adams said: “Well I suppose I’ve got no problem with fellas who want to come along and check the score while their other half’s in the shops.

“If they’re peering through the windows trying to watch some of the game, I’ll make sure they come in at least to see if I can talk to them about our tellies.”

On being asked about what he hopes to see against Vigo at the weekend, he said: “What’s that supposed to mean? Just to check, this is the Granada shop in Romford I’m taking over, is it?”

Image courtesy of Jimmy Morrison via Wikimedia Commons

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