Total horror as big club on wrong end of dodgy offside call

There has been complete horror among European football followers this week after a dodgy offside call played a part in a big club getting knocked out of a competition.

Tom Willsein, a fan of the unnamed German club, said: “Okay, mistakes can happen from time to time, but why does it have to happen to the rich and powerful ones?

“It’ so unfair! If it’s a team in danger of going down to the second Bundesliga or something, ja, who cares?

“But in a Champions League quarter-final? This is an outrage!”

The fan says he supports his players’ and manager’s calls for video or robot referees to be immediately deployed.

Many journalists have echoed the fans’ view, while others have been quite happy to easily create eye-catching articles by compiling quotes of famous players mouthing off the official at the centre of the controversy.

“I can only hope that when we are in the Champions League quarter-final next year we have more of an even playing field,” said the fan.

Image courtesy of Marco Verch via Flickr

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