Wenger determinedly sticking by new year’s resolution of complaining about refs every day

Arsene Wenger has completed four out of 365 days of his new year’s resolution to complain about refereeing every day of the year.

The Arsenal manager today said: “The thing that irritates me the most is that it’s impossible to have any dialogue with referees – it’s like you’re sending a message on WhatsApp and they reply on MSN Messanger.

“I really don’t understand them at all. I mean what’s the whole deal with the black shirts? Such an outdated colour. And do they really need whistles in the 21st century when they have a range of novelty noises available on their smartphones?

“I’ve been making a list of all the penalties wrongly given against us since I joined the club – 789 penalties, can you believe?

“Let’s see – number one, April 1997, Ray Paylour pushes – wink, wink, cough, cough – Neil Ruddock. There was barely any contact at all, the whole world could see that.

“It’s not like I want all 789 of these penalties to have been not given – but maybe if just 750 of those decisions had gone in our favour, could you imagine what a team we would have been?

“To my last day at this club I will never understand that. I know some say this is all a random series of ocassional bad fortune and poor judgment from officials that would be expeted over 22 years, but for me it is something much more sinister.”

Image courtesy of Ronnie Macdonald via Wikimedia Commons

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